Rungnipa Benz is helping us to coordinate the work in Thailand and also has been helping us as a translator and been a great support. Our main discipleship training schools have been held in Thailand since 2010. It has been a great blessing and Benz was a student in one of our first schools there.

She is a great networker and encourager and has connected us to awesome people in Thailand and we are so thankful for her help and support! 

Thailand has become our hub to reach out to Southeast Asia and is like an anker for this region. We have been inviting students from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and other places to our schools in Thailand and it has been a great blessing to connect with people in those countries and help them reach their nations. 

Here some facts about Thailand:

Thailand has a population of about 67 Million people and 66 Million are considered unreached. They estimate about 0.5 %  born again Christians. It is not much different in the surrounding countries of Southeast Asia. 

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