Yangchen Choden has been a student in our first Follow Him School in Thailand and has been with us ever since. She is coordinating the work in Bhutan and also helps with schools and events in the Himalayas and Southeast Asia. She is an integral part of our Himalayan Leadership Team.

As a daughter of pioneer church planters under difficult circumstances and persecution she has developed a strong character in Christ and has been a great blessing to many. Next to the church work she has started a travel business and will be able to show you the beautiful country of Bhutan and tell you all about it (

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Some facts about Bhutan:

The country has a population of 761'000 people with 36 different people groups of which 29 are still considered unreached. They estimate that about 0.7 % of the population are born again Christians and still about 648'000 are unreached.

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