Leaders and Founders

Claude Widmer
has been in full time ministry for more than two decades. After having a dramatic experience with the Holy Spirit in a revival in South Africa, he started meaning business with God and the door for full time ministry opened in 1993.

He started out as an assistant to the director of Campus Crusade for Christ Switzerland and had the chance to go and minister in many different countries all around the globe. 

Having a revival ministry to the church on one side, preaching about the power of the Holy Spirit, he also reached out to the lost and preached the gospel with signs following in many different nations! Many people experienced a fresh touch from the Lord and received healing and deliverance.

In March 2000 he got married to Daniela and they started planting a new church together. It was there that God started planting a seed into Claude's heart to "disciple the nations". When they started a new church in 2002 God started teaching them about his pattern for the church and through discipling just a few people they saw radical growth and good fruit.

In 2007 God moved them from North America to Geneva Switzerland, where they started Follow Him International with the vision to help start churches all over the world (especially in some of the least reached parts like the Himalayas, Southeast Asia etc.) and equip the Body of Christ.

After they did a small discipleship school in Geneva in 2010 God opened the doors for them to the Nations and now they have a faitfhul group of local leaders in the Himalayas, South East Asia, Africa, Switzerland and the US building a spiritual family that disciples the nations.

Claude resides with his wife Daniela and their four children in Orlando Florida. 

Daniela Widmer
has always had a heart for the hurting and lost! She has been involved in helping drug addicts, reaching out to prostitutes and doing all sorts of street work.

Since being married to Claude, they have travelled and ministered together in many different capacities together with their children. 

She has a strong prayer orientation and has been instrumental in the ministry God has given to Follow Him. 

Daniela is not only a mother to her four children that she homeschools, but also to many others that seek counsel and come to her for help. Her discernment and love, combined with her clear and direct words have been a blessing to many people.